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Debit Card

Manjushree Debit Card

Manjushree in order to facilitate your financial transactions introduces Manjushree Debit Card in association with SCT Network Pvt. Ltd. Manjushree Debit Card enables you to make purchases of goods and services at various merchant locations as well as cash withdrawal from ATMs with access to your bank account.

You can have easy access to your nominated account maintained with in Manjushree from any ATM location connected with SCT Network.

Our ATM Locations
  • Head Office, New Baneswor - Kathmandu
Our customer can use more than 1000 ATMs of SCT network's member bank ATM.

Features of Manjushree debit card
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee: Nill (From Manjushree ATM)
  • Balance Enquiry Fee: Nill (From Manjushree ATM)
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee: NPR 25 per transaction
    while using SCT ATMs other than Manjushree ATM.
  • Balance Enquiry Fee: NPR 3 per enquiry(Other than Manjushree ATM)
  • Minimum Withdrawal: NPR 500
  • Maximum Withdrawal per transaction: NPR 16,000
  • Maximum Withdrawal per day: NPR 50,000
  • Maximum POS Transaction Limit per day: NPR 75,000
  • POS Transaction Fee: Nill
  • No. of Transactions per day: 5 Times
Membership Fee: Free
Annual Fee: Free
Pin regeneration Fee: NPR 100
Card validity: The validity period of the card is 2 years from the date of issue.

Please visit Download page for downloading debit card application form.

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